Solving Service Management Challenges

Olix365 assist in solving your greatest service management challenges.

The Visual Schedule Board seamlessly combines workflow management, connecting customer-purchase-work orders to inventory availability, work-in-process, and machine schedules. This integration offers real-time insights for managers, buyers, and shippers, enhancing overall customer services.

  • Supports Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • Includes tracking (over the internet), order/shipping status, and inventory levels at subcontractors' locations.
  • Supports customer services, purchasing, suppliers, and subcontractors with Customer Portal
  • Applicable for warehouse and distribution centers
  • Useful for preventive maintenance and repair tasks

Does the system require manual entry of customer and incident information?

The system lacks portal capabilities for customers to raise incidents.

Olix365 provides a customer portal with chatbot integration.

Enhance partnerships through a Chatbot-integrated collaboration portal. A self-service platform for customers. Access to Cases, Work Orders, Schedule Details, Change Orders, Log, and Track work orders in the cloud.

Is there a separate system to schedule service tasks, resources, and vehicles?

The lack of a unified system for scheduling service tasks, resources, and vehicles results in additional overhead when closing service calls across multiple systems once the tasks are completed.

Olix365 transforms operations with its integrated Customer Information System.

Experience real-time benefits, from a visual schedule board and inventory reservation to resource and vehicle tracking with route optimization. Efficiently assign and reschedule tasks based on real-time factors like technician availability, location, and specialized skill sets required for utility service tasks.

Do technicians experience a loss of data due to lack of internet access in different areas?

Technicians lack mobile internet access, hindering them from uploading inventory and service task data.

Olix365 provides field technicians with mobile access and offline capabilities.

Empower field technicians with mobile applications specifically designed for utility tasks, offering offline capabilities for areas with poor or no connectivity. Technicians can upload inventory and service task data even in offline mode.

Does your system manage inventory at the field level?

The system lacks functionality to record and monitor the quantities of inventory utilized by technicians during their tasks.

Olix365 manages inventory at the field level.

The system oversees and controls inventory levels for items and services, ensuring sufficient stock is available for technicians' service tasks.

Is there real-time location tracking of field technicians in the system to assign the nearest technician to the customer's work order?

There is currently no procedure in place to monitor the real-time whereabouts of field technicians.

Olix365 features Route Optimization for field technicians.

The Route Optimization feature is tailored for field technicians within Olix365. This functionality optimizes technician routes, ensuring efficient travel to customer locations. By minimizing travel time and distance, Olix365 effectively reduces transportation costs and enhances overall service delivery efficiency

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