Elevating Utilities
Beyond Limits

Enhance your operations using the integrated Customer Information System.

Unleash Project Process all in one platform.

Enhance customer partnerships through a Chatbot-integrated collaboration portal.

Why Olix365?

Olix365, where innovation meets efficiency, revolutionizes utility operations. As the brainchild of Alphavima, Olix365 is a comprehensive cloud-based solution tailored to the utility sector.

This innovative platform redefines the landscape of utility management by leveraging a profound understanding of the utility sector and integrating cutting-edge technology to optimize internal operations, ensure regulatory compliance, nurture customer relationships, empower data-driven decision-making, and allow for seamless scalability.

Olix365 doesn't just unify critical utility functions; it breaks down silos, creating a seamlessly interconnected ecosystem under a single cloud-based umbrella."

Choose Olix365 to empower your utility business, transcending limits and embracing operational excellence.

Join us in reshaping the future, where efficiency and collaboration define success.

Legacy System to Modern ERP

Olix365 facilitates the transition from legacy systems such as Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP), which are on-premises, to modern cloud-based ERPs. We have meticulously mapped out the process and fields from the source system to the target system.

Reporting Suite

Olix365 adopts a structured approach to implementation, data migration, and change management. The formalized methodology guarantees precision, adhering to timelines and budgets, providing a guided and hassle-free transition.

Innovative Functionality & Industry Alignment

Olix365 prioritizes functionality, offering modules engineered for seamless scalability. With a commitment to embracing emerging technologies, we ensure your business remains at the forefront of industry advancements.

Efficient Implementation, Data Migration & Change Management

Olix365 adopts a structured approach to implementation, data migration, and change management. The formalized methodology guarantees precision, adhering to timelines and budgets, providing a guided and hassle-free transition.

User-Centric System Design & Adaptability

Experience a paradigm shift in usability with Olix365's user-centric design. The platform is not just easy to use; it is intuitive, reducing the learning curve for users. Rapid integration ensures a smoother operational flow and enhances overall user satisfaction.

Long-term Viability & Unmatched Scalability

Olix365 is not just a solution; it represents a commitment to your organization's growth. Built for scalability and viability, the ERP solutions support the expansion of organizations, ensuring technical and business scalability that stands second to none.

Olix365 - Tailored Software Solution for Utilities Sector

Transformative Features of Olix365

Data-Driven Excellence: Harness the power of data for impactful decision-making across utility operations.

Comprehensive Cloud Platform: Unify functions seamlessly for a connected and efficient utility ecosystem.

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Challenges: Customize solutions to address unique utility challenges, from optimizing energy distribution to ensuring environmental compliance.

Financial Optimization: Optimize financial management with tools for budgeting, forecasting, and expense tracking.

Human Resources Brilliance: Streamline HR processes from onboarding to performance management for an engaged workforce.

Project and Asset Management Mastery: Improve project timelines and maximize asset value with Olix365.

Procurement & Engineering Excellence: Streamline sourcing, purchasing, and project execution for seamless operations.

Operational streamlining: Redefining Utilities with Seamless Integration, Efficiency, and Collaboration for Enhanced Operational Excellence.

Optimized Utility Use-Cases

Olix365 serves as a utility-focused platform efficiently managing resources, handling billing, and optimizing workflows with notifications, addressing unique challenges in the utility sector.

  • Customized workflows with notifications.
  • Vendor and customer self-service portal.
  • Built-in Customer Information System with Visual Schedule Board enabling grab, drag-and-drop single or group of work order tasks.
  • Inventory tracking, reservation, and barcode scanning.
  • Real-time route optimization for efficiency.
  • Offline capabilities for areas with poor connectivity.
  • Distinct, not limited to, mobile applications designed for warehouse workers and field technicians.
Project management & Accounting Module in Olix365 software.
Scalable Integration

Scalable Integration

Effortlessly link tools using Olix365's scalable integration framework to enhance collaboration, streamline processes, and improve overall efficiency within the utility ecosystem.

  • Facilitates smooth integration with both On-Prem and Cloud-based solutions.
  • Integrates with external systems, including ADP and HRMS for human resources and payroll.
  • Supports integration with CIS systems like NorthStar.
  • Accommodates DocuSign and digital signatures.
  • Enables integration with GIS for Asset Management.
  • For financial data, Olix365 supports integration with Prophix.

Dedicated Data Migration

For ERP migration data, a robust framework is essential to ensure a smooth transition and minimal disruption. Below outlines an approach to migrating data from legacy systems:

Assessment and Planning: Assess data landscape, set migration objectives, identify stakeholders, and establish timelines and milestones.

Data Profiling and Analysis: Perform data cleansing, preparation, and profiling.

Data Mapping and Transformation: Map legacy data to the new ERP system and transform it accordingly.

Data Migration Execution: Execute data extraction, loading, and validation.

Testing and Validation: Conduct functional testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing (UAT).

Go-Live and Post-Migration Support: Deploy the system and provide post-migration support.

Compliance and Governance: Ensure compliance and establish governance.

Data Migration

Modular &  Extensible Reporting Analytics

Navigate seamlessly through operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and financial clarity with Olix365. Gain streamlined insights into service quality metrics, regulatory compliance, and financial performance effortlessly.

Regulatory report

Regulatory Metrics Snapshot

Olix365 provides regulatory reports, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

Performance/Quality report: Calculates interruptions of service with SAIDI, SAIFI, and CAIDI metrics.

System Reliability: Key metrics include the average number of hours and interruptions per customer.

Service quality report: Details appointment on-time, prompt call answering, and new connections.

Trail balance: Summarizes balances in an account at the end of an accounting period.

Account Monthly balance: Provides details such as Credit, debit, Lost revenue, bad debt of each account.

Operational Efficiency Unleashed

Operations reporting is developed to track the status of Work orders, Budget, and Time variance, as well as Purchase orders.

Work order Actual Vs Budget: Understand Work Order Expenditures, Budget variances, and time variance.

Work order event status report: Track Work Order Events with the status and progress of work order events.

Event status report: Outline service calls based on their status, type, and duration.

Work order summary: Provide detailed understanding of the work order by status and type.

Purchase order report: Provide purchase order status, vendors, items, delivery dates, and amounts.

Operational Report
Financial Report

Financial Insight

These executive reports cover different aspects of managing and understanding finances, providing a complete picture of a company's financial performance.

Multi-year budgeting: Outlines budget expenditures for each department, including requested and approved budgets for respective years.

Actual Vs budget: Details include the revised budget, variance amount, and actual budget.

Aging report: Outlines customer aging periods and corresponding due amounts.

Write-off report: Provides insight into figures written off and delineates the causes behind these financial adjustments.

Income Statement: Presents the company's revenues, expenses, and profits over a specific period.

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