Addressing Payroll Management Challenges

We assist you in addressing your challenges with the payroll processes.

In Olix365, Payroll functionality allows businesses to manage and process employee payroll efficiently within the system. This feature includes various capabilities such as:

  • Employee data management: Maintain employee records including personal details, employment history, compensation, and benefits information.
  • Payroll calculations: The system automates payroll calculations, including wages, taxes, deductions, and contributions.
  • Time and attendance tracking: Offers functionality to track employee attendance, hours worked, overtime.
  • Benefits administration: Supports the management of employee benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans.
  • Integration with HR and financial modules: Seamlessly integrates with other modules such as human resources (HR) and financial management, ensuring data consistency and facilitating end-to-end payroll processing.

Does your system support integration with external systems?

Most organizations use ADP for salary processing.

ADP Integration with Olix365

Seamlessly integrate ADP with Olix365 through Rest APIs for efficient and error-free salary processing.

Does your system have inbuilt payroll module?

Most organizations have to depend on the third party for payroll processes.

Olix365 has a payroll module.

Streamline payroll processing with automated calculations and deductions, ensuring salaries and benefits are disbursed accurately and promptly to your workforce. Olix365 facilitates the generation of electronic pay slips. Employees can allocate hours to projects, jobs, or work orders. The system supports multiple employees in specific positions, such as Financial Analysts, and enables smooth employee transfers between positions or entities.

Does your system support self service portal for the Technicians?

Spreadsheets are maintained by the supervisor wherein they will input the technician hours and then upload it to the system.

Olix365 features Employee Self-Service Portal

Enable employees to access and manage their payroll-related information through a self-service portal, fostering transparency and reducing administrative workload.

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