Olix365 is a comprehensive cloud-based solution tailored to the utility sector and allows for seamless business scalability.

Changing the world of Utility business.

Empowering Progress, Inspiring Innovation: Your Journey with Olix365.

About Olix 365

“Where innovation meets efficiency to revolutionize utility operations.”

As the brainchild of Alphavima, Olix365 is a comprehensive cloud-based solution tailored to the utility sector. This innovative platform redefines the landscape of utility management, by leveraging a profound understanding of the utility sector and integrating cutting-edge technology that optimizes internal operations, ensures regulatory compliance, nurtures customer relationships, empowers data-driven decision making and allows for seamless scalability.

Alphavima Technologies

Alphavima Technologies, a Canadian IT Consulting and Services company is a Microsoft Gold Partner.

Alphavima Technologies, a Microsoft Gold Partner and Canadian IT Consulting and Services company, has been assisting companies in implementing and adopting technology across their organizations for more than 15 years.

Since 2018, three SaaS solutions have been introduced – (GiveLife365) - designed for the complexity of the Non-Profit sector, (PREXA365) - for equipment rental companies, and (Olix365) - a Cloud-based solution tailored to the Utility Sector.

At Alphavima, products are not merely sold – lasting partnerships are formed. Expert consultants are available to work with teams in any location.

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