Addressing Budgeting Process Challenges

We help you solve your greatest budgeting challenges.

The processes for both long-term strategic planning and annual budget planning are supported through a budget plan document. Budget plan documents are tightly integrated with Microsoft Excel. Users can configure unlimited monetary and quantitative scenarios and can also define a budgeting organizational hierarchy to both support top-down and bottom-up budgeting methods.

Planning and budgeting capabilities are available and are integrated with ledger budgets.

Workforce budgets

Workforce budgeting includes detailed budget cost component planning for positions, compensation groups, and so on.

Fixed assets budgets

Based on fixed asset information, you can calculate planned depreciation and record other planned transactions that are related to fixed assets.

Project budgets

In the project’s module, you can create detailed project forecasts. The projects forecasts will include details about the planned hours, expenses, fees, and items.

Demand forecasting

Based on historical transaction data, you can estimate future inventory demand and create demand forecasts.

Few important features:

The absence of a feature to capture lead time history for items and vendors in the system results in untracked inventory levels and delays.

  • Maintains multiple budget versions (i.e., consolidated, departmental)
  • Accommodates multiple budget cycles (i.e., monthly, annual, forecast)
  • Copy budgets from one cycle to another.
  • Prepare periodic financial forecasts.
  • Perform variance analysis against forecasts and budgets.
  • Solution offer version controls with change tracking for auditing purposes

Does your system support multi year budgeting?

The solution lacks the capability to display statistics that allow for year-to-year comparisons of various budget amounts.

Olix365 Multiyear reports

The solution enables users to plan and manage budgets across multiple fiscal years within the system. This functionality allows organizations to create and track budgetary allocations, expenditures, and forecasts over extended periods, providing greater insight and control over financial planning and performance management processes.

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