Addressing Procurement and Sourcing Challenges

We assist you in addressing your challenges with the procurement and sourcing processes.

The Purchasing and Sourcing functions are fully integrated with various modules, including Purchase Requisitions, Receiving, Vendor Invoicing, Inventory, Fabrication Work Orders, Visual Schedule Board, Distribution Planning, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger.

Is your system capable of tracking lead times for items and vendors?

The lack of a feature to record lead time history for items and vendors in the system leads to untracked inventory levels and delays.

Olix365 tracks Lead Time History for Items and Vendors.

Olix365 records Lead Time History for Items and Vendors. The system records the lead time history of items, aiding in optimizing inventory levels and ensuring timely ordering to prevent delays.

Does the system capture the item tolerance list?

There is no list available in the system to view the acceptable variation or deviation from the specified quantity of an item in a purchase order.

Olix365 offers a view for over delivery percentage and under delivery percentage of Inventory.

Streamline procurement with OLIX365's Over/Under Delivery List, empowering the team to swiftly detect and address discrepancies in received quantities against purchase orders within allowable item tolerances.
This feature enables the procurement team to quickly identify any discrepancies between the quantity specified in the purchase order and the quantity received.

Does the system include a vendor management feature that enables vendors to access their own dashboard and carry out various operations?

The system lacks functionality for vendor management, preventing vendors from performing operations on their respective dashboards.

Olix365 offers Vendor Self-Service Portal Capability.

Elevate vendor engagement with Olix365's Vendor Portal—an all-in-one self-service platform that allows vendors to view RFQs, bid, track RFQ status, and access purchase orders seamlessly.

Does the system have workflows and notifications that can be configured based on purchase order amounts and departments?

The lack of role-based workflows, as well as configurable workflows and notifications, makes it challenging to track the status of various purchase orders, RFQs, or purchase requisitions within the system.

Olix365 provides role-based workflows and a notification mechanism.

Olix365 offers various workflows including, but not limited to:

  • Automatic notifications and reports for items past their delivery date.
  • Workflows based on purchase amounts and departments.
  • Email, team, and system notifications.

Does the system reserve materials for the requested job or work order?

Currently, stock cannot be reserved for a specific job.

Olix365 offers Job-Centric Stock Reservation.

Olix365 includes the ability to reserve stock against a specific job. This feature helps prevent overstocking of items and ensures availability when needed for a particular job.

Do you have to manually send documents for signature to different stakeholders?

After confirming the purchase order, the procurement team generates a PDF version of the PO using the legacy system and sends it to the vendor for signature outside of the system.

Olix365 includes DocuSign Integration.

Experience seamless automation with Olix365's integration of DocuSign, reducing the need for manual intervention. Streamline your process as purchase order documents can be digitally signed by multiple stakeholders, with the signed copies conveniently stored alongside the respective purchase orders.

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