Solving Human Resource Challenges

We assist you in addressing your human resources process challenges.

Automate your HR management processes with OLIX365 HR and Payroll module and empower your employees with a self-service option to help them manage their time efficiently.

Does your system have recruitment process?

Spreadsheets and various systems are utilized for both the onboarding and offboarding of employees.

Olix365 manages recruitment process.

Maintain a comprehensive database of employees, facilitating efficient resource allocation by tracking roles, positions, responsibilities, and qualifications.

Does your system track hour utilization for each resource in the system?

Tracking the utilization of hours by various resources becomes challenging due to the presence of multiple systems

OLIX365 has a feature for Time and Attendance Tracking

Employees have the ability to log their time for various tasks within the system by clocking in and out.
OLIX365 oversees employee attendance and working hours, facilitating streamlined payroll processing through precise time tracking of hours worked.

Does your system manage skill sets of an employee?

Using spreadsheets for skill management creates additional overhead in maintaining multiple files.

Olix365 offers a Skill Set Management feature.

Efficiently manage skill sets within the workforce, allowing for better alignment of employee capabilities with specific utility tasks.

Do you have a mechanism to track the lieu and vacation time in the system ?

Lieu time, Vacation time, etc allocated to an employee is only seen by the supervisor by contacting HR.
Hence when the employee wants to utilize the lieu time, the employee needs to reach out to the supervisor in order to get the details of it.

Olix365 features tracking Lieu and vacation time.

Employees can easily access Olix365 and utilize accrued time off, enhancing overall leave management. They can see the banked Lieu time that is allocated to it. (Banked Lieu time, Vacation time - Time used out of the total lieu hours)

Does your system record the overtime hours worked by an employee?

Managing of Overtime and tracking required rest time is not processed.

Olix365 manages Overtime.

Streamlined the management of overtime hours, ensuring accurate recording and compensation for additional work beyond regular hours.

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