Solving Project Management Challenges

We help you solve your greatest project management challenges.

OLIX365 incorporates a unified system that facilitates Project Budgeting and Forecasting, Planning with Work Breakdown Structure and Personalized Quotation templates, Estimation with Resource optimization and Inventory control check, Scheduling, Execution and Costing, all within a single platform. Visual Schedule Board. Enhance your partnership with your customers through a real-time collaboration portal. Access to Schedule Details, Change Orders, Log and Track Issues in the cloud.

Do you use lots of different applications and systems that are not connected?

As time passes, you may accumulate 5, 10, 15, or even more applications to manage your project-related tasks, leading to redundant data entry across systems. This chaotic and fragmented approach can severely impede business operations.

Olix365 eliminates the need for multiple systems and enhances operational efficiency.

Olix365 eliminates the need for external systems by providing an integrated solution for project planning, estimation, scheduling, execution, and costing. This streamlines the project management process, reducing the complexity of managing data across multiple platforms.
The features eliminate the need for using external systems which reduces overhead for maintaining multiple systems.

Do you extensively utilize spreadsheets across all your processes?

Consolidate data in Excel due to lack of centralized storage and analysis tools, necessitating manual report generation for insights.

Olix365 features Visual Schedule Board with detailed tasks.

OLIX365 has inbuilt features for Work break down template selection for project estimations which includes different types of tasks i.e. Item, Hour, Expense Fee. Also, OLIX365 has a Visual Schedule Board to manage the WBS tasks with grab, drag and drop functionalities.

Do you lack a space for adding quotation templates for customer distribution?

Organizations lack a dedicated repository or system where we store and access, quotation templates for distribution to customers efficiently.

Olix365 has Personalized Quotation Templates

OLIX365 offers personalized quotation templates for customers. Additionally, it facilitates the incorporation of digital signatures through seamless DocuSign integration.

Does your system send notifications guiding the next steps for the process?

There are no notifications we receive as a guide to our next step, hence we have to keep checking the system for any updates

Olix365 delivers real-time Updates.

Stay informed about project progress in real-time notifications within the system. Olix365 delivers instant updates through Teams, Outlook, and Text Messages integrated with Workflows.

Does the system lack one unified view for project management tasks and item assembly?

The System does notcombineproject management tasks and item assembly into a single form.

Olix365 Work breakdown Structure contains estimates including items, hours, expenses, and fees all in one place.

Work breaks down template selection for project estimations which includes different types of tasks i.e. Item, Hour, Expense Fee. We can also create different work break down templates which can be used in the projects.

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